Mother’s Day: Nathalie Myrberg

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience, no matter where you are from. To celebrate Mother’s Day, a handful of inspiring mothers from all over the world share their thoughts on family rituals, loneliness, morning routines and on the lessons  motherhood have taught them



What is the most important thing your own mother has taught you? 

“To follow my heart when it comes to creativity and what I do. To dare to test different things and not be afraid of failing. When I turned 18 I got a tool kit from my mom, and that says a lot about how we grew up. It has always been her fixing and building things around the house, she isn’t afraid of physical work and never gives up.”

Which family rituals do you value most?

“Our Friday night routines are holy. We always eat the same thing, Mexican food with one version for kids, and one version for grownups. After that we’ll watch a family movie with snacks. It marks the start of the weekend for everyone. It’s nothing big, but so important to us all.”

Name one thing you have learned from yourself becoming a mother?

“To trust my own decisions and gut feelings. To not be anxious or compare myself with others, especially when it comes to parenting and family life. A small note on becoming a parent – do not forget yourself and your needs outside of being a mother.” 


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What does your morning routine look like?

“My alarm goes off at 6 during weekdays, and me and my husband get a moment together where we drink coffee and prepare breakfast. After that we wake the kids up and have breakfast together. My youngest usually wants to sit in someone’s lap – I love to get some extra cuddles with him even if he is quite big now – and my oldest is usually deep into reading a book or magazine at the table. After that they get dressed, brush their teeth and when they’re ready there’s usually some time for reading, playing, morning tv or being outside for a while before their ride to school arrives. Same thing every weekday morning.” 

Being a mother can be intense. How do you spend five minutes alone?

“Here’s my three best tips:

  1. I do a fragrance meditation to land and bring myself home. I use essential oils, such as frankincense and lavender, which I take a tiny amount in my palms and rub them together. Then I take some deep breaths through my nose, with my face in my palms. It calms me down instantly.
  2. A simple sun salutation on the yoga mat. I do three rounds and often light a candle and listen to something calming to make it easier to focus on myself.
  3. A hot shower. I bring my favorite products for some extra self-care.”

Do you ever get the feeling of loneliness in your motherhood?

“It’s not a feeling I get now when the kids are older, but I felt quite a bit of loneliness being home with them when they were small. Even though I had a social life, there’s lots of time when it’s just you and your little one spending time together. It’s of course very valuable to be able to create that safety and closeness, but it’s often connected to very little time with other adults. Also lots of waiting for your partner to come home. There’s also often a disconnect between the full time baby life and the partners’ workday, which can lead to a disconnect and a hard time understanding the other’s point of view. But he also spent half of our “stay at home days” with both kids, and had similar experiences. To solve that, I think equality, dedicated “me time” and lots of communication are key. I’ve never really felt alone in my parenthood, because I’ve always been able to share that experience with my partner. And I’m very grateful to have been able to do that.”

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Nathalie Myrberg, 39, mother to Otto aged 8 and Frans aged 11. Interior stylist and digital creator, lives in the countryside outside of Västerås, Sweden.

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