Mother’s Day: Dana Roski

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience, no matter where you are from. To celebrate Mother’s Day, a handful of inspiring mothers from all over the world share their thoughts on family rituals, loneliness, morning routines and on the lessons  motherhood have taught them




What is the most important thing your own mother has taught you?

“The knowledge about food and the love for nature. She has taught med to cherish all the small things life is gifting us with.”

Which family rituals do you value the most? 

“Everyday we eat our meals together and remember to sit down and enjoy each others company. To really spend time together and value what we have as a family and be thankful for that.” 

Name one thing you have learned about yourself from becoming a mother?

“To let go and go with the flow. Enjoy the moment and have an eye for the small wonders which life is about.”

What does your morning routine look like?

“We cuddle in bed for quite some time before waking up for good. Most days we will have a little snack in bed before getting up. My son drinks some milk and I will have a golden latten oat milk before getting ready for the day.”

How do you spend five minutes alone?

“With my new born it’s even harder, but just 5 minutes of self love is super important for me and something I practice every day.

First, I brush my hair thoroughly – I have never had a daily routine with it before, but it feels like soft, gentle strokes. Then I dry brush my hands and legs to welcome some good energy into my body from the early morning hour. I wash my face with water and use a little rose water, which gives me an extra feeling of love and warmth, before applying my body lotion. I brush my teeth, and finish off by massaging my breast and belly with almond oil and say thank you to my body for the work it did during pregnancy the last month.”


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Do you ever get the feeling of loneliness in your motherhood?

“Yes of course, I think every mother does. All the nights we wake up and take care of the kids, all the fear, all the questions whether we are a good enough mothers. We are always alone with these thoughts. Mostly, I try to be thankful for the chance to be a mother and to be able to gift the world with a new life. It’s my secret super power, a miracle and it makes me feel so strong. I feel very connected to Mother Earth and the universe in these moments and that helps me from feeling lonely.”


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Dana Roski, 39, mother of four-year-old Eden and newborn Charles. Lives in Munich and works as a jewelry designer and creative director.

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