A woman we admire – Kate Anians, Six Studio

When designer Kate Anians struggled to find flattering underwear while she was pregnant, she took matters in to her own hands and decided to design her own. That decision turned out to be another baby in the shape of Six Studios – an underwear brand that refuses to make any compromises. Six Studio has, in our opinion, completely reinvented the traditional nursing bra by making it both beautiful, practical and feminine.


How did you come up with the idea of creating a line of maternity underwear?

“When I was pregnant with my son Arlo and needed to buy maternity underwear. I was so shocked at the limited offer available and the fact that, aesthetically, things didn’t seem to have changed much since my grandmother wore maternity bras! This is where the idea for Six came, as no other brands were making the kind of product I was looking for. Something considered and contemporary, using beautiful fabrics that resembled the underwear I would have worn before my pregnancy. I knew that if I was looking for this product that there would be many other women out there experiencing the same frustration.”


Who do you design for?

“All of the Six collection is designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding. One of the main aims when I created Six was for the collection to be aesthetically desirable as well as having the functionality needed for maternity and nursing bras. We are also adding some new pieces into the collection for 2019 that focuses on post-partum, with control/support panels.”


What’s the meaning behind the name “Six”?

“The name for Six comes from ‘Six months’ being a pinnacle point in pregnancy. You are coming to the end of your Second Trimester and entering your Third, the home stretch! By this point there is no hiding your pregnancy and you need to adapt your wardrobe to your changing body. I also really wanted the name to be something simple and modern without sounding obviously like a maternity brand, so Six was the perfect fit!”


Best relationship advice after having children?

“Definitely to make time for yourselves to do things as a couple that you would have done before having kids – cinema, eating out, drinks with friends.”


Best pregnancy tip?

“Look after yourself as well as thinking about your baby. Take yoga classes, have a facial/massage or even just a quiet soak in the bathtub! It’s really important not to forget ourselves as so much focus is on growing a baby through pregnancy, but in order to do this as well as you can you also need to be thinking about looking after yourself. I also had acupuncture throughout my pregnancy which was amazing for helping with nausea.”

Do all the products designed to be used during and after pregnancy (and breastfeeding)?


What’s the best piece of advice you would give to other mothers? 

“Enjoy every moment. It all goes by so quickly!”


Tanslated by Nikoline Nordfred Eriksen.

Kate Anians (37) lives in Glasgow with her husband and son Arlo på 4 år. Follow @six_studio_

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